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Q. What makes Amy's Presence® wigs different from other wigs on the Market?

A. Amy has built them with comfort in mind. She has actually selected the most comfortable materials, and has designed a recession that is natural for a woman. She has added unique options that no other wig has which makes it much easier for women to have a normal life while dealing with Hair Loss. When going for your Consultation one of our Certified Amy’s Presence® Specialists will go through these options with you and together you will find what will work the very best for you!

Q. Are Amy's wigs really lighter in weight than other wigs on the market?

A. Yes they are, you will immediately feel the difference when you try them on.

Q. Are there different color effects available?

A. Yes, there are a lot of color options created by Amy and her staff.

Q. How many different types of Cap Constructions are available in Amy's Presence® line of wigs and will I be able to find a cap that will fit my head size?

A. There are two Cap “types” available: The ‘Ultimate Cap’ and the ‘Active Cap’. These Caps come in all different sizes including Cap sizes made for Kids; so we will for sure be able to find one that fits your head size.

Q. Does Amy's Presence® Collection have wigs for children?

A. Yes, there are styles that work for children and are available in children's sizes. Some wigs can be custom cut to a child's style and facial features.

Q. Do you make wigs for African American and Hispanic women?

A. World Hair Institute was the first in the World to offer the line “Color Beautiful”, which is the latest addition to Amy's Presence®. Color Beautiful completed the original line so now it is universal and fits all races and ethnicities.


Q. I am looking for a wig that will be easy to style and maintain. I also want it to look very natural, is that possible?

A. Any choice of the Amy’s Presence® Wigs looks very natural, and all the Wigs made with Cyberhair® have “style memory” so they are easy to maintain and need very little styling.

Q. Which wig is best for me to work out in?

A. The Amy, the Kassia and the entire line of Color Beautiful are available with the Active Cap. The Cap is built of an extremely lightweight base that is porous enough to allow water and air to move right through when swimming or working out…just as if it were your own hair! But basically you can use all the Caps that are made with Cyberhair®.

Q. Do you have all the styles in stock for me to try on?

A. Yes, we do have at least one of each style for you to try on

Q. Do the Amy's Presence® wig Caps fit many different head shapes?

A. Yes, Amy's Presence® wig Caps are built to expand and contract in order to fir many different head shapes.

Q. How long does an Amy's Presence® wig last?

A. This really depends on your life-style, how you care for your wig, and which wig you choose. However they areal extremely durable.


Q. How do I swim in an Amy's Presence® Sport/Swim wig?

A. When you go in for your consultation, your Certified Amy’s Presence® Specialists will evaluate your hair loss and recommend the procedure to follow for swimming; but basically it is very simple and you can start looking forward to feel the water on your scalp again as if it was your own hair.

Q. How does the Sport/Swim cap stay on?

A. The wigs used for swimming can stay on many different ways depending on your Hair loss situation, You will be given a recommendation for the best method by your Certified Amy’s Presence® Specialists once we evaluate your hair loss.

Q. When I am done swimming in my Cyberhair® Sport/Swim Wig, do I blow dry the wig or can I let it air dry?

A. You will love the Sport/Swim Wig with Cyberhair®. It is so easy, all you need to do is shake your head and finger comb your hair and it dries so fast there is no need for a blow dryer.

Q. Does the chlorine in the pool or Sea Water affect the color of the Cyberhair® Sport/Swim Wig?

A. No, the Swim Wig is made with the fabulous Cyberhair®, which has color retention. However, you will want to always protect your hair, and your Certified Amy’s Presence® Specialists will explain the system for swimming. It is very simple.

Q. I am an active sports enthusiast and I perspire a lot. Will the Cyberhair® Sport/Swim Wig last just as long even if I wash it often?

A. Yes, it will! Cyberhair® loves water and loves to be washed.

Q. Will the Cyberhair® Sport/Swim Wig fade in the sun?

A. No, the Sport/Swim wig is made with the fabulous Cyberhair®, which has color retention.


Q. How long will the consultation take and what does it cost?

A. The Consultation is free. Depending on the amount of questions you may have it will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. At the Consultation we will find the right Cap, Style, and colors for your specific needs.

Q. How much do the Amy's Presence® Wigs cost?

A. They vary in price depending on the wig and the services needed. Please call to set up a free consultation. We will evaluate your hair loss here and recommend the proper wig and procedure needed specifically for you. At this time, we will be able to quote you a price.

Q. Do I need to have my Amy's Presence® wig cut?

A. Yes, you will need to have it cut-in by one of our Certified Amy’s Presence® Specialists who has been specially trained and who will professionally style and cut it for your desires and facial features.

Q. How long will the cut-in take?

A. About 1 to 2 hours. For your comfort we take care of as much as possible before you come in. So the main part of the preparation work will be done before you come in for the cut-in, by your Certified Amy’s Presence® Specialist.

Q. Can I have my personal hairstylist fit and cut-in my Amy's Presence®?

A. Due to the special hair on Amy's Presence® Cyberhair® wigs, fitting and cutting is a totally different matter than cutting regular hair or for that matter cutting other kind of Wigs. Actually the procedure used with regular haircuts could ruin your Amy's Presence® wig. At World Hair Institute we have been properly trained and are certified on how to fit the Caps as well as how to cut and handle the special hair available on the Amy's Presence® wigs

Q. Do I need to have two Amy's Presence® wigs?

A. You do not have to, but many women like to change their hairstyles, so they have multiple wigs of different styles and colors. Another consideration depends on your circumstance and your particular need; for those women who are concerned about complete discretion it helps having two wigs that look exactly the same but serve different purposes.

Q. I want to purchase an Amy's Presence® wig for my friend and surprise her, how do I do it?

A. At World Hair Institute we offer Gift Certificates. You are more than welcome to accompany her on her consultation. Remember, the wig must be properly fitted to her head and cut-in to her facial features


Q. Do I have to use the Amy's Presence® Hair Care Products?

A. In order to protect your Wig you will want to use the specially blended hair care products; this will protect your investment. You will receive a Kit including the necessary products upon receiving your Amy’s Presence® Wig.

Q. Do I have to use a special brush on my Amy's Presence®?

A. Yes, to protect your wig and keep it looking it’s best at all times we have included the Brush in your Kit. You will receive it when purchasing an Amy’s Presence® Wig from us at World Hair Institute.

Q. I would like to Shampoo my wig very often will that wear it out sooner?

A. No, Amy's Presence® wigs made with Cyberhair® love water!

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