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Extensions Extensions FAQ

FAQ About Hair Extension Services At World Hair Institute

How Long Does It Take To Get The Extensions Attached?

This will vary depending on the length and thickness of your own hair and what you are seeking to achieve.

We do over 25 methods of Hair Extension attachments; so the time to apply them can vary from a couple of hours up to 6-7 hours for a full head of Hair Extensions. Given that you might have to wait 3 to 4 years to grow out your own hair to the length you want to achieve, putting aside a morning or afternoon is really not that much time! If your hair is naturally fine and you want to add some volume using extensions, then allow about 1 ½ – 2 hours. If you just need to add Extensions to achieve High- or Low-Lights, or a splash of color then it can be done in as little as 20 – 40 minutes. For the Crown of the head Extension solution 4 hairs are attached to one of your hairs it; this method takes several hours depending on how many hairs are needed and/or desired.

Will Extensions Damage My Own Hair?

No, this is exactly the reason why we offer so many different and still very hair-friendly attachment Methods: There is not “one” Method that works for everybody. At the initial Consultation we will do an analysis of your hair in order to determine the Method or combination of Methods that would work the best.

How Much Do The Extensions Cost?

Including the hair, getting the hair attached, the Cutting and Styling plus your own Home Care Kit, the extensions can cost in the region of $800 and up. The exact price will depend on the length, the amount of hair used, and the choice of the attachment Method or combination of Methods used. Highlights, for instance could cost as little as around $100 depending on the amount of hair used.

How Should I take care My New Extensions?

Your World Hair Institute Extension Specialist will explain in detail how to care for your hair and which products to use. You will also receive a Kit that includes everything needed. If it is the first time you wear Hair Extensions we recommend that you come back to see us at no cost for a maintenance visit approximately 10 to 14 days after the extensions were attached. That way the attachments can be checked and any kinks can be adjusted. Take the time to learn about your Hair Extensions and you will have a very satisfying long lasting experience.

Extensions need to be treated with respect and there are some rules to adhere to; for instance using the right care products and supporting the Extensions when brushing, if the attachment a Strand by Strand Method then you will occasionally need to separate the bonds. We have a written guideline for you as part of the Kit you’ll receive so you can enjoy without worrying!

How Long Do the Extensions Last?

Some Extensions are more permanently attached and stay in securely until they are removed. Many companies will tell you that these extensions will last you any where from 7 months and up to a year without any maintenance! It is true that they might stay in this long, but we look at it from another angle; how long should they stay in so as to not cause any breakage or other damage to your own hair? Hair extensions should not stay in the hair for any longer than about 3 -4 months max. The reason is due to the natural growth and shedding of a your own hair. Usually the hair used for the longer lasting type of attachments cannot be reused.

There are other attachments that provide the option of reusing the hair. These types give the option of being tightened or reattached. The Hair can then last anywhere from 6-8 months up to over a year. Please note that the extension attachments will have to be tightened and re-attached every so often. If you like the idea of getting more for your money, you probably would like the idea of investing in high quality gorgeous hair that can be reused over and over again and that way save money in the long term.

How well you take care of the hair, together with lifestyle etc. will determine the life span of the extended hair as well as of the attachments.

How Can You Be Certain About The Quality Of Your Services?

In such a rapidly growing market maintaining standards is very important; this is the reason why only highly educated and professionally trained hand picked Hair Extension Specialists are part of the Team at World Hair Institute.

Due to the training in Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement that we also offer to other stylists and Salons across the USA our knowledge and expert training is well known.

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