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Wigs, Partials, and Top Pieces for Kids and Teens

Many kids and Teens suffer from hair loss due to Alopecia, cancer treatment and other medical related conditions. Every Child is gorgeous with or without hair. However, not all Kids and Teens are comfortable seeing themselves being partly or totally bald.

We offer a variety of Prosthesis for kids and Teens from Swim Wigs, lace Fronts, Lightweight, regular, to more durable Wigs, all that would stay put and still looking great. We have several brands in petite and Children’s sizes, such as Follea, Amy’s Presence® Wigs for Kids, together with many other full wig options also we offer Top Pieces and partials for Kids with less severe form of Alopecia.

For those children and Teens that long to have hair and even better really beautiful and natural looking hair again, this is certainly possible!

All our Wigs partials and Top Pieces offer excellent solutions. What specific choice would benefit your child will depend on your child’s lifestyle, expectation of look, and ease of maintenance etc. These would all be things that will be covered through the free personalized Consultation.

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