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Hair Support ® and what it can do for you!

Do you experience thinning Hair? Did you recently lose your hair due to hormonal, radiation, chemotherapy, or other medically related reasons? Do you have Alopecia Areata? Or are you experiencing male or female pattern baldness? Or do you just want to keep your hair in the best condition possible?

Many products that are supposed to improve your hair create a dependency; you have to use them for the rest of your life. With Hair Support® it is the opposite.

Hair Support® is based on the latest technology which cleanses blocked small follicles and stimulates your scalp thereby increasing blood circulation which improves your hair condition. A healthy scalp together with stronger hair encourages your natural hair to grow.

Using Shampoo and other hair care products year in and year out creates buildup and blocks healthy hair follicles. It is this buildup, which can result in slower hair growth or new growth trapped in blocked follicles; the visual result is thinning hair.

Hair Support® releases the hair that is trapped or blocked by cleaning up the hair follicles and releasing the growth of hair that has been trapped underneath. It is like giving your hair a facial!

Hair Support® can dramatically improve the condition of your hair, protect it against further loss, and may even foster new hair growth.

Hair Support® can also be an effective ally in the battle against medically related hair loss; a healthy scalp can recover hair faster after some treatments i.e. chemotherapy and radiation. Clients who have tried and benefitted from Hair Support® have noticed their hair returning in up to half the diagnosed time.

- Helps prevent hair loss and re-grow hair

- Rejuvenates hair follicles and scalp

- No Prescription necessary

- No dependency involved

- No Chemicals

- No Side Effects

- Manufactured 100% according to FDA Standard Conditions

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