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Men’s Top Pieces, Partials, Lace Front Wigs and Prosthesis: Non-custom and semi- to full custom

Are you dreaming of running your fingers across your scalp and feeling that full head of hair again?

When looking in the mirror do you see a much older man that what you feel or what you really are?

Maybe you have avoided trying to do something about your thinning hair or baldness because of the bad Wigs and Toupees that you have seen or head about?

Unfortunately not all Hair Replacement Studios keep up with the latest knowledge, research, and education in this field; this is why you still can see people wearing bad fitting, unnatural looking hairpieces, partials, and Prostheses.

What should a natural looking, attractive, lightweight Hair Replacement system look like? Simply put, you should not be able to tell or point out that the person is wearing it!

The products that we offer represent only the highest quality and most natural looking options. You have real choices by us because we have done all the tedious work researching and finding the best options available at different price levels and for different individual situations.

World Hair Institute is conveniently located in the Chicago Loop where, in a private, comfortable, and cozy atmosphere we are best equipped with the training and products to help you with your hair loss.

World Hair Institute offers a wide selection of high quality and cutting edge technology Prostheses: From Lace Front and Full Lace to more durable Top Pieces, from non-Custom to Semi, and Full Custom wigs. From Partials to fully covering Prostheses with many options as well as Top-Pieces that are exclusive to World Hair Institute in the Chicago-land area!

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