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Women’s Top Pieces, Partials, Lace Front Wigs and Prosthesis: Non-custom and semi- to full custom

Through celebrity exposure and fashion trends wigs or Prostheses, as they more rightfully are named, have become very popular. Whether to “change up your look” or to provide a solution for hair loss wigs have gone from ‘wiggy’ to beautiful, fashionable and natural looking pieces. These improvements over the years benefit those who seek Prosthesis as a hair solution.

While most men deal differently with the consequences of thinning hair or total hair loss, women are definitely in a different position. Society is very judgmental when it comes to a women suffering from hair loss, which in itself can cause tremendous stress, discomfort, and extreme emotional issues for some.

We understand that as women our hair is our crowning glory. It gives us a sense of confidence and femininity. At World Hair Institute our goal is to make you beautiful and confident with hair replacement options that are comfortable and natural looking while giving you the styling and maintenance options that will suit you and your lifestyle.

World Hair Institute offers a wide selection of high quality options and solutions using cutting edge technology: From Integrations, Lace Fronts, Full Lace, and Skin base, to more durable Prostheses, Partials, and Top Pieces. Many of these options are exclusive to World Hair Institute in the Chicago-land area!

The products that we offer represent only the highest quality, most natural looking options. You have choices by us because we have done all the tedious work researching and finding the best there is at different price levels. World Hair Institute is conveniently located in the Chicago Loop where, in a private comfortable, and cozy atmosphere we are best equipped with the training and products to help you with you hair loss.

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