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Micro Point Solutions FAQ

FAQ about Micro Point Solutions™

What is Micro Point Solutions™?

Micro Point Solutions™ is a Program offered by The Cyberhair™ Collection. It was specifically developed for individuals who have fine and/or thinning hair and wish to add volume and/or length to their hair.

The Micro Point Solutions™ offer three options that can be used individually or in combination depending on what your desires are. Micro Point Link® will give you fullness on the crown of the head, while Micro Point Accent™ is a ‘Strand by Strand’ Method that is very flexible and creates volume on the back and the sides. The third option Micro Point Maximizers is a speedy and reusable Hair Extension that will give you volume and/or length on the back and the sides.

The system can also be used for adding ‘peek-a-booh’ Hi-Lights or Lo-Lights. If you want to add some fun to your hair, Micro Point Accent™ also comes in all kinds of sparkly Fancy colors. Without the big commitment of coloring your hair, you can add just a couple of Micro Point Accent™ for very little money.

How much density and length can I achieve with Micro Point Solutions™

It will all depend on the condition and density of your own hair. With Micro Point Link, you can volumize your own hair by 400%. With one Micro point Maximizer Accent you can add to ten of your hairs the density of 1000%, and with Micro Point Maximizer weft you can add to 40 of your hairs the density of more than 10,000%.

Is Micro Point Solutions™ a Surgical Transplant?

No, there is no involvement of any kind of surgery, but it is the closest you can come to invisible hair addition since extremely micro tiny attachments are utilized in order to give density and length.

Who can benefit from the Micro Point Solutions™ Procedure?

Any person who wants to add volume and/or length to their hair; in particularly those who experience fine and/or thinning hair will benefit from this unique patented system.

Is the procedure painful?

No, it is not painful at all! Some clients tell us that their Scalp feels a little tight for no more than a couple of days after the attachment

How would I know if this procedure would work for my thin hair?

Generally speaking anyone who has at least 50% of their own hair would be a candidate. Under your free Personalized Consultation we can determine your possibilities.

Are there any benefits to wearing a hair System and combining it with Micro Point Solutions™?

Yes, a fine hairline can be made fuller, you can increase volume on the sides, or your hair can be made fuller and longer all over, by combining a system with the different methods.

I am a very active person. Are there any limitations on my lifestyle using the Micro Point Solutions™?

No, Micro Point Solutions™ is designed to compliment you whether your lifestyle is active or not. While many hair loss sufferers feel that their lifestyle had been limited by their thinning hair they feel after using Micro Point Solutions™ that they can fully live their life again; their comfort and self esteem are back because the Micro Point Solutions™ feels and acts as their natural hair; it is so natural, undetectable, and effective it feels as if it simply has become part of them.

I Swim regularly, will Chlorinated water affect my new hair?

No, you can even swim daily. The water will have no affect on your new hair, it will not break or discolor; even the Sun will not have any negative effect on your hair!

What about Blow Drying, Flat Iron, Perm, Color, Foil, or Relaxing my hair?

While all these Procedures will have a negative impact on your own hair, it will not affect the Cyberhair™. We do suggest use of medium to low heat when Blow Drying. Hot Flat Irons can be used with out any problems. Cyberhair™ has Color Retention and Style Memory. There are virtually no limitations on what you can do and use; one of the few exceptions is the use of Combs. The Kit that you will receive at your Micro Point Solutions™ appointment includes a specialized brush made for this particular hair.

Can any Beauty Salon or Studio attach the Micro Point Solutions™ for me?

Only certified Salons or Studios are allowed to apply the Micro Point Solutions™. World Hair Institute is certified in all these procedures and products.

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