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Micro Point Solutions FAQ

Micro Point Solutions™

Is a non-invasive very gentle hair extension system for people - men, women, and teens who have fine or thinning hair on the crown, the back, the sides, or all over the head!

You have three different choices with Micro Point Solutions™: Micro Point Accent™, Micro Point Links®, and Micro Point Maximizers

Micro Point Maximizers

Do you want instant fullness and/or length? Micro Point Maximizer might be the answer for you!

Micro Point Maximizer is made of Cyberhair™. The hair is attached to a very fine teeny tiny weft; it is flexible and extremely lightweight. You can receive as much density as your existing hair will allow. With the Micro Point Maximizer weft you can volumize 40 hairs by more than 10,000%. This choice will give you instant fullness and/or length. What is even better is that the wefts are reusable!

Micro Point Maximizer can be combined with Micro Point Accent™ or Micro Point Links® for creating higher flexibility and fullness on the sides, the back, and the crown area.

Keep your confidence and lifestyle intact!

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