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What is the Reprieve® Hair System?

  • Unique Patented system
  • Non-surgical solution for Alopecia and types of hair loss
  • No bonding to or shaving of the scalp
  • Exclusive to Certified Salons
  • World Hair Institute is the only Chicago location
  • Adds length, volume, covers hair loss area
  • Completely free floating
  • No damage to existing hair
  • 100% human Remi hair
  • Easy to style
  • Easily removed
  • High Quality Human Hair: Can be used over and over again

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Thinning hair and baldness are concerns that are not limited to men: Every woman will experience some hair loss possibly from stress, medication, genetics, or environmentally related factors. With Reprieve® Hair we offer a gentle, undetectable, non-surgical solution.

The Reprieve® Hair system uniquely attaches to your own hair and never comes in direct contact with your scalp thereby offering the most advanced state of hair replacement technology to date. This patented complete hair system surpasses quality standards and delivers a true comfort that’s both very natural looking and undetectable.

The system is simply an oval-shaped base containing 100% Remi® human hair. Because Reprieve® Hair is made with 100% human Remi® hair it is easy to style and long lasting. Reprieve® Hair covers a person’s hair loss area by incorporating the existing hair, so the scalp remains healthy and untouched. The result is a seemingly undetectable natural appearance without compromising your own hair or damaging your scalp.

Each Reprieve® Hair system combines luxurious hair that consistently delivers full body, long-lasting luster, and security for the most natural, healthy, and great looking result. No shaving, no bonding and no adhesives are involved; just you own hair and the Reprieve® hair system. Say goodbye to any limitations on your active lifestyle, styling concerns, or damage to your existing hair.

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