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FAQ about the Reprieve® Hair System

What is the Reprieve® Hair System?

Reprieve® Hair system is a Non-surgical Unique Patented system created to provide a solution for types of hair loss that are mostly concentrated on the top of the head. It is made with 100% human Remi® hair, which mean that you will have long lasting gorgeous hair without any frizz. It is a system that is free floating and causes absolutely no damage to your existing hair or scalp!

Do I have to get my hair cut shorter or do I need to have any of my own hair shaved in order to get the Reprieve® Hair System?

There is no direct bonding to your scalp or any kind of shaving involved; actually the system demands that you have some hair that it can be attached to.

How is the Reprieve® Hair attached?

The Reprieve® Hair System offers different attachment options. The most commonly used is a perimeter attachment; without any direct attachment to your scalp. Some of your hair is securely ‘sandwiched’ in between flaps designed around the perimeter of the system using nothing other than Medical Graded Tape. These Flaps contain a series of perforations. Each band of your hair strands are then pulled through the perforations. The second most used method is the Linking System where strands of your hair are pulled through some very small predesigned holes and kept in place by using very small Silicone Lined Links. There are several other methods that can be used, but the two mentioned above are the most common.

I don’t really have thinning hair, but I am always struggling with too little fullness on the top of my head. Would Reprieve® Hair be a solution for me?

Struggling with too little hair but not thinning is what we at World Hair Institute describe as the ‘grey area’; Reprieve® Hair would be a real great solution for this kind of issue. Many other systems would not really work because you would have to give up hair to gain hair; meaning many systems would demand some shaving of your own hair! Take a look at our before and after pictures of our clients; the blonde girl for instance who also struggled with too little fullness is benefitting from wearing a small Reprieve® Hair Integration.

I have severe thinning on the top of my head, and it seems as if my front hairline is disappearing. Would Reprieve® Hair work for me?

As long as you have enough hair around the perimeter to attach the Reprieve® Hair onto, the system would work for you. The Reprieve® System offers different Cap options; different sizes and different base materials. In that way it works for different types and different amounts of Hair Loss. The Reprieve® Hair System pieces are all ‘born’ with a front hairline made of lace; similar to Lace Front Wigs, so if you have no hairline or a thinning hairline this would create a new hairline for you. If your Hairline is intact then we would remove the Lace on the Reprieve® Hair and integrate it with your hair by attaching it behind your natural Hairline.

If I want my hair longer than the length of what my hair is now, can that be created with a Reprieve® Hair System?

We have several clients who are benefitting from a combination of Reprieve® Hair and Hair Extensions. Reprieve® Hair gives fullness on the top of the head and can add a little extra length to your own hair. If you want to extend your hair more, we then would combine the Reprieve® Hair with Extensions, which would give you the extra length; so yes it is definitely possible!

Can I Curl and Style my hair once I have the Reprieve®?

Yes, you can blow dry your hair, use flat irons, curling irons, and similar techniques and tools. You can put your hair in a ponytail, make updo’s etc. We will explain it thoroughly to you at your Free Consultation. You will also receive informational papers at the time of the initial installment of your Reprieve® Hair

How long does the system last?

Mainly it depends on your lifestyle and how good you are about taking care of the Reprieve® Hair; but in general you should expect 6 to 8 month of wear. The piece will thin out but if the base is still in good shape we can get it repaired.

How long does the system last?

The Reprieve® Hair system does not come off by itself. Your own hair grows about 1 to 2 inches per month, since the system is attached to your growing hair, it will, after 4 to 5 weeks, make the Reprieve® Hair system feel loose – at this point you would have see us to get it reattached. Following is usually how it works; you get your first system attached, after 4 to 5 weeks you come back and we will have your second Reprieve® Hair system prepared and ready for you. We keep your first system while you are wearing your second Reprieve® Hair system. We will have it ready for your next visit, which again would be 4 to 5 weeks after. If your Reprieve® Hair system needs any maintenance we would take care of it before your next visit. This is the most simple and efficient way for you; there would be no time wasted as the clean up and preparation time is done before your visit. The total time you will have to stay at our Institute is approximately an hour.

What should I expect after getting my first Reprieve® Hair system, is there any kind of maintenance?

Mainly it depends on your lifestyle and how good you are about taking care of the Reprieve® Hair; but in general you should expect 6 to 8 month of wear. The piece will thin out but if the base is still in good shape we can get it repaired.

Can I get this system at other Salons or Beauty supply stores?

Reprieve® Hair is Exclusive to highly experienced and Certified Salons and Studio Professionals, which mean that Studios and Salons that want to offer Reprieve® Hair must have extensive hands on education offered by the Reprieve® Hair company. Mette Menotti of World Hair Institute is the Director of Education for the Reprieve® Hair system. World Hair Institute teaches the required education and certifications for salon and studios in USA. Reprieve® Hair is available to a select few Studios and Salons across the country. World Hair Institute is so far the only place in the Chicagoland area to offer Reprieve® Hair.

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