What can I expect from the consultation?

 A consultation at the World Hair Institute is complimentary and lasts about an hour. Upon arrival, you will fill out a questionnaire in order for us to determine the best solution for your individual needs.

During the consultation, we will explore your needs, likes and dislikes, wishes, and goals. Then, we will share with you the different possibilities that our various techniques of hair extensions or non-surgical hair replacement offer you. Together, we will figure out the best methods to get you exactly what you want.

We will evaluate and discuss:
  • The condition of your hair and scalp
  • Hair volume, texture, length, and color possibilities
  • Options of application methods
  • Tightening, reattachment, and removal procedures
  • Your care, maintenance, and follow-up program
  • Overview of cost
  • Informational papers about insurance (if this is an option)
Questions? Call us at 312-372-4008.