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World Hair Institute serves a diverse clientele and provides the best hair solutions for their needs

When someone comes to us, they may have a unique need and desire specific outcomes, or they may be overwhelmed and don’t know what options or outcome will be possible. Some may have an unlimited budget, others are bound to a specific price point. No matter who comes to us and why we are here to help. Our clients have experienced hair loss of all types, including male or female baldness, Trichotillomania, all levels of alopecia (including Frontal Alopecia), burn, and medically-based hair thinning. We have served virtually every age group, from children to seniors.

Our team offers a wide range of services related to hair additions, combined with all the typical services you would find at a salon. We can cut, color, perm, straighten, and relax hair, along with other hair treatments to create a beautiful solution for our clients. The only thing that sets us apart from other salons is our exclusive focus on clients who need additional hair.

This niche concentration enables us to refine our skills and continually learn new techniques and invest in tools that help us bring our clients’ visions to life. We work with many vendors to offer a variety of options and to ensure that you receive what you came to us for.

Our owner working for a hair manufacturer showing their hair using World Hair Institute's Methods

What we do is straightforward. Why we do gets a little more personal.

Mette H. Menotti started out doing hair extensions in Scandinavia some decades ago. She saw the damage that poor application can do to a person’s hair. This realization led to a wonderful foundation and ultimately drove Mette to develop her own methods. She became passionate about providing people with solutions for hair loss and came up with damage-free techniques for hair extensions.

This is partly why we also offer education for salons and stylists across the globe. Through the World Hair Institute, we are able to offer training for our methods. These hair extension and hair replacement techniques have been developed over decades.

We believe a company must live up to what they promise, so they take care of their clients as they initially envisioned and communicated. We’re not here to appease you. We want more for you: 100% satisfaction!

We love what we do and we love happy clients

We always stand behind what we do! We stay on top of what we offer through education and understanding the needs of our clients. Here’s what they’ve said about our services.