Play with your hair

Our strand-by-strand systems easily add length or color to your hair

Fusion, Linking, and Tapies refer to systems where strands of hair are applied individually to your own hair. All our strand systems create great flexibility.

For Linking, the tip of these strands are a similar shape to a shoelace. These would be attached with the use of beads also named links, or schrinkies.

With Fusion, the tip is either flat, round, or shaped into a “V” before it’s applied, which would be molded to integrate with your own natural growing hair. In the case of this method, you cannot reuse the strands of hair unless you accept loosing length of the hair since the tip would need to be cut off the hair with each time of reattachment.

Tapies are small flat, ¼” wide squares that are sandwiched individually to your own hair. The tip simulates hair growing from the scalp. Even in the wind, no one will detect that this is not your hair! With this method, you can reuse hair and reapply it several times.

You may want to change your hair color with a new low or highlight, but are wondering if it looks good on you? Our strand-by-strand method of hair extensions can be added to create a “peek-a-boo” effect with no commitment. Try out lowlights or highlights or even some fun colored streaks! Again, you can reapply the hair several times.

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