Custom Halos, Clip-Ins & Bangs

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Try out extensions and get the volume, length, and style you want without committing to permanent hair extensions

Clip-in extensions and Halos are the easiest and fastest solutions if you’re looking for a quick and commitment-free way to style your hair.

With your Clip-Ins and Halos, we will consider your custom fit hair, including your existing hair texture, color, length, and head shape so that the added hair will blend perfectly with your own. Clip In’s and Halo’s can take many shapes and forms. Together, we can determine the style best suited for you.

Think about how it will feel to receive compliments for having awesome looking hair!

Clip-ins and Halos give you the freedom to add length, volume, and style, without committing to the upkeep of hair extensions. If you decide you like them within the first four to six weeks after purchase, we can transform your halo or clip in’s into more permanent hair extensions. No need for you to double invest.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified Hair Extension Designers and let’s create your look!

Custom Halos, Clip-Ins & Bangs

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Our certified Hair Extension Designers will work together with you to create your desired look!