Repair Services

We offer repair services should you need it

Although we would suggest that you purchase new hair, we also understand the inherent value of maintaining your current hair addition, so that you can get full wear with the highest enjoyment.

Following, you will find a variety of services available for maintaining, coloring, or repairing all hair purchased through the World Hair Institute. We welcome new clients and do offer these services for hair purchased from other sources, however, we ask that you consider using hair sourced through us since it is the only way we can guarantee the best quality and wear.

Please contact us if you are in need of any of these services.
  • Cap adjustments
  • Repairing torn caps, including restitching or mending torn base materials
  • Correcting a mistake or fixing a poor haircut
  • Filling in the bang area
  • Extending length of hair
  • Peek-a-boo high or low lights
  • Add hair to bald patches or thinning areas
  • Color as needed, including changing color, re-coloring, rooted color, ombre, hi- or low-light, etc.
  • Tighten areas and customize fit, so the hair unit will fit comfortably
  • Add or remove wefts as necessary
  • Convert a full wig to a topper, a band fall, a hat fall, jogging cap, or clip-in extensions
    and much more!

All of our work is done by our skilled experts at WHI. However, some services are more cost-efficient when done by our out of house ventilators/repairers or by our skilled factory workers.