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Our men's hair replacement programs are designed to be budget-friendly as we maintain the look you desire

With millions of men affected by some type of hair loss, you are not alone. However, our goal is to reduce, minimize, and replace hair so that it is undetectable to those you encounter day-to-day.

We’re happy to offer a budget-conscious option for men who are looking for a way to keep their hair looking as they desire.

Our Hair Replacement Program for Men is similar to a gym or health club membership. For a monthly charge, you have access to our hair designers who will maintain your hair replacement system and keep your look stylish. Typically, our programs are a 12- or 18-month agreement and will save you money compared to buying the hair and services separately. 

Using the latest technology, our hair replacement systems not only provide undetectable human hair grafts, they actually replicate the growth, density, and behavior of your own hair and hairline. We offer many systems with solutions from medium to the highest quality human hair together with high-end fibers such as Cyber and Vital hair that mimics your hair to perfection. Price points will always reflect that “what you pay, is what you get.”

We’re here to help you keep your look and maintain your style

Our hair replacement systems offer you flexibility, allowing you to return to what you once had, or change the length and style of your hair to your choosing as you want.

At WHI, we don’t compromise quality. We aim to design tailored, manageable, and consistent solutions that will bring back your confidence and life. Our modern solutions to hair loss will free you from worry and give you the opportunity to live an active and fulfilled life.

Take the step toward a new you

All it takes is a conversation with one of our team Designers. Let us show you how easy and fulfilling a hair transformation can be!