Reprieve Hair

No commitment, no problem

Reprieve is a non-surgical solution for thinning hair and different types of hair loss

Don’t give up on your own hair! Give your hair a comeback with Reprieve. Reprieve is a unique patented system that requires no bonding, no shaving, and no surgery. It works for thinning hair and different types of hair loss. Reprieve integrates with your own existing hair to add volume and eliminate thin areas. It’s easy to style, can be removed and reattached, and we can even add length if you’d like! We always strive to improve the hair that you have. In most cases, your natural hair will actually improve while you wear the Reprieve hair system due to less wear and tear.
Womens Hair Loss Solutions, World Hair Institute

This system might be right for you if:

  • You have growing hair, but it just seems as if there is increasingly less of it.
  • You would like your hair to be fuller.
  • You would like to eliminate thin ends while keeping the length.
  • You have become thinner on top, or if you have diffused thinning all over.
  • You have noticed that shedding has slowed down, but hair does not seem to grow back.
  • You have not given up on growing your own hair back—so shaving is not an option for you

We are proud to be the only certified studio in Illinois to offer Reprieve Hair. We have developed our own version of Reprieve hair, which gives you unlimited choices on price points and hair systems for any size that is needed, from partial to full coverage. It does not need reattachment more often than every four weeks.

See what Reprieve can do for you

If you want to learn more about this amazing system or see for yourself how it could work for you, please set up a complimentary consultation with us.