Chemo Girls

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If you want fast recovery back to the hair, length, and texture that you had before, then Chemo Girls Hair Extensions after Chemo is the route to go.

Chemo Girls Hair Extensions after Chemo are used for post-chemotherapy hair recovery. This is a technique that was created by Jon Richards for cancer patients who have gone through hair loss due to chemo. It is used without needing wigs or hairpieces and limits any kind of hair damage as your natural hair grows back. The regrowth of the natural hair can be as short as 1.5 Inches. With this system, you can achieve any hair from shorter styles to waist length—it will all look fully natural. World Hair Institute has been specifically selected to be the only hair replacement salon in the state of Illinois trained in the Chemo Girls Hair Extensions method to help women of all ages who have gone through chemotherapy and are looking to have their hair restored.
Chemo Girls

So what is Chemo Girls Hair Extensions after Chemo?

To achieve the best looking hair extensions, we only use the highest quality human hair, which has been individually hand selected strand-by-strand. The hair cuticles are aligned in the natural growth direction, which gives it the high end status of Remy hair. We also use only the finest hair from Russia and Europe.

The hair can be custom color blended to match basically any hair color. The result is tangle-free hair with a fully natural shine. We can easily adjust the length, volume, and thickness to get you the look that you had prior to loosing your hair.

For the attachment, we use a naturally-derived resin.

After the extensions are attached, we will cut them to your preferred length and style.

You can shampoo and style your Chemo Girls Hair Extensions the same way as natural hair. With the proper care, your Chemo Girls Hair Extensions can last you up to six months.

How can you assist me?

Please see us as soon as possible after getting diagnosed. You can fill out the consultation form online or if you prefer, please call us! We want to talk to you and see how we can help you during this time.

We offer many solutions and the sooner you know what options you have the more ease of mind. We would also like for you to use some products that you can start even before you begin treatment. This will help your hair recover sooner.

Know that you can see us any time before, during, and after treatment.

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