You aren’t alone

More than 30 million women in the USA suffer from some degree of hair loss

In women, the reasons for hair loss may be very specific or based on many different factors. Possible causes may be chemical or hormonal imbalances, medications, the result of childbirth, menopause, aging or hereditary.

As a whole, hair thinning and hair loss can have a hugely negative impact on one’s life and self-esteem. Women especially feel socially unaccepted and devastated when they experience hair loss.

Are you doubtful that a stylish look would be possible with your existing hair? You may have observed unnatural, unattractive wigs and pieces. This is not the “look” you want. Neither do we.

women of all ages we have a great amount of partials to full systems available at our premisesFor women of all ages we have a great amount of partials to full systems available at our premises. We welcome you! And we are excited to let you feel and try out anything you might find appealing. We offer many different options of styles, textures, lengths and colors—from blond to Salt and Pepper—this is all available to you at the World Hair Institute. 

At the World Hair Institute, we strive for a realistic, modern appearance. The secret to flawless, natural-looking hair depends on the quality of the product. Combined with our highly skilled hair designers who are sensitive to your needs, we work to achieve your goals while remaining within your budget. 

We are a one-stop establishment; we color, cut, perm, do relaxers, and all other related services needed for great looking hair.

We want to fulfill your needs

We are an independent company and not affiliated with any chain. We do not limit ourselves to purchasing in bulk, but have a variety of resources and hair vendors. Inconsistencies and incorrect deliveries are many times due to limiting one’s source of products. We want what truly works for you, resulting in you looking your best at all times.

Let the WHI specialists help you with a personalized and customized plan.

Take back your life

When a woman is dealing with thinning hair or total hair loss, it’s devastating. Society is very judgmental about it. As women, our hair is our crowning glory. It gives us a sense of confidence and femininity. When you’re facing hair loss in the mirror every day, it can cause tremendous stress, discomfort, sadness, and other negative emotions.

At the World Hair Institute, our goal is to make you beautiful and confident with hair addition options that are comfortable and look natural, while giving you the styling options that will suit you and your lifestyle.

“By age 60 women hair-loss sufferers will be in the 80% range.” Source: The Hair Society.

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