Reprieve Hair

Don’t worry about commitment

Reprieve hair is integrated within your own hair for a commitment-free solution

Whatever the future holds for your hair, you can be assured of the outcome by choosing the Reprieve hair replacement system.
Reprieve is an excellent solution for men who:
  • Have growing hair, but it seems that there is increasingly less of it.
  • Would like to keep their hair to be a little longer in length.
  • Have noticed their hair is thinner on the top or is thinning overall.
  • Have experienced hair shedding slowing down, but the hair does not seem to regenerate.

In many cases, Reprieve can improve your own hair

At the World Hair Institute, we always strive to improve the status of your existing natural hair. Our clients who have worn this attachment for several years are proof that the system, at a minimum, will keep the status of their own hair. Often, we even find there is an improvement of your natural hair when wearing the Reprieve hair system. In addition, we have our own version of Reprieve hair. It is developed by us and it gives you options for price point, hair system, and size needed from topper/partial to full coverage.

Discover how it works

Want to learn more about the Reprieve hair system or discover for yourself how it could work? Please set up a complimentary consultation.