Human Hair, Created Hair & Synthetic

Solutions for everyone

For kids and teens looking for a hair replacement solution, we offer diverse options including human hair, created hair, and synthetic

For children and teens who are looking to have beautiful natural hair, we make it possible!

The specific hair replacement system that will work best for your child or teen will depend on the kind of hair loss, their lifestyle, the expectation for the look, the ease of maintenance, and budget. But, no matter what the answers to those questions are we can find a solution.

We offer a variety of options for hair replacements in children’s and teen’s sizes:
  • Kid’s Petite
  • Teen’s Medium
  • Full Custom

We carry brands such as Private Issue by Cyberhair® and Follea, as well as other very beautiful and natural-looking full or partial coverage hair. We do our very best to accommodate every person’s budget by also offering better synthetic full coverage hair in petite sizes.

Just Live Life Kids could be a life-changing opportunity for any child

We are also proud to offer a unique system to the Chicagoland area, Just Live Life: Kids, which is a program made special for children facing medically related hair loss.

What is your best option?

Our consultation shall be your guide. We will answer any questions you may have and assist you to find the right solution for your child.