Micro Point Links & Fillers

Add instant fullness to your hair

If you are looking for extra hair on the crown or sides, we can help

With Micro Point Links and Fillers, you can easily add length and fullness to your own hair.

The system consists of two, four, or six hairs attached to one of your strands of hair. The hair attached is much stronger than human hair but it acts exactly the same and blends in naturally. It’s so lightweight that one of your hairs can hold the weight of two, four or six strands, without causing any kind of breakage or damage.

The added hair holds onto your hair by an almost invisible knot; so micro-tiny, that your “new” hair will look, feel, and act like your own growing hair.

This system can be combined with many of our other options for creating instant fullness and/or length on the back and sides. We also have package deals that you can take advantage of, including offers with laser treatment and our all-natural in-salon treatments.

Micro Point Links & Fillers

Hair you dream of

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