Partial Coverage

Stop worrying

With a partial coverage system, we can restore the natural appearance of your hair

partial coverage system
If the hair on the top of your head is thinning, we have many different hair systems for you to consider. At World Hair Institute, we will match each area of your natural hair—the front, sides, and back—to your hair texture, density, length, color, and curl pattern to match your new hair perfectly.
Everyone’s lifestyle is different
  • Do you work at an office?
  • Do you work outdoors?
  • Do you swim?
  • Do you workout?

Our hair designers will make it easy to understand which type of hair and method of attachment will work best for you and your lifestyle. Once the additional hair has been applied, integrated, and blended, we will cut in your hair to your specifications. The result is a solution designed just for you to restore your natural appearance, including your front hairline. The end result? A completely natural look and feel.

At WHI, we will do our part—as you go live your life with full confidence.

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