Micro Point by Cyberhair®

The Healthy Hair Solution

Through Micro Point Solutions and Cyberhair® we can offer fullness throughout

Under Micro Point Solutions you will find methods using Cyberhair®. These systems are also great for individuals who have received hair transplants, yet still need or desire fuller hair. The Micro Point Links® work well for both the crown and sides of the head. Where as Micro Point Accent® work with fine or thinning hair on the back, sides, and partially on the crown since it can be attached higher on the top of the head—and still be undetectable! Cyberhair® Micro point Solutions looks and feels like human hair whether it is wet or dry.

Micro Point Links®

Micro Point Links®If you need extra hair on the crown or sides of your head, we can help! With Micro Point Links, for each strand of your own hair, we will add either two, four, or six hairs. These will be attached to one of your strands. Micro Point Links are much stronger than human hair and react exactly like your own hair, even when wet. They are so lightweight that one of your hairs can hold a number of strands without causing any kind of breakage or damage.

The added hair “adheres” to your hair by an almost invisible knot; so micro-tiny your “new” hair will look, feel, and act as if it’s your own growing hair, no matter if it’s straight or curly. Yes, even if you have tight curls, it will match!

The hair will “sprout” and separate after your first shampoo. Depending on how fast your hair grows you will need to revisit us for fill-ins every six to eight weeks. This system can be combined with any of our other options for creating instant fullness and length.

Micro Point Accent

Perhaps you’ve already tried out other systems and found that they were too heavy for your hair? Some people have found attached hair too visual, heavy, or bulky for their fine or thinning hair. If this has been the case for you, there is a perfect option. Micro Point Accent™ is an undetectable hair extension system that can add volume to your own hair, enhancing the fullness of the side and back of your head without adding weight or bulk.

Micro Point Accent™ is made up of 100 strands of Cyberhair™ that are attached to your hair. The strands cover a tiny micro sterling silver bead, which creates an extremely fine “strand-by-strand” attachment. No adhesives or chemicals are used. They are easy to apply and easy to remove.

Micro Point Accent can be combined with Micro Point Links® for the purpose of creating instant fullness to the back and crown, and offer more flexibility for the sides. You can accomplish as much density as your existing hair will allow. With just one Micro Point Accent™, you can volumize 10 of your hairs by 1,000 percent. Micro Point Accent™ is also available in textured, relaxed hair. Typically you will need to revisit us for tightening or reattachment every 6 to 8 weeks.

This system can also be used for adding “peek-a-boo” hi-lights or lo-lights without the commitment of coloring your hair. If you desire to add some “fun” to your hair, Micro Point Accent™ also comes in a huge variety of fashion colors.

Take Control

At your Free Personalized Consultation, we can discuss how this unique, patented, and non-invasive system can work to bring fullness to your hair.